We are Skull Masters Taxidermy, located in SE Michigan. Randy has been a licensed taxidermist since 2007. Randy grew up in a household that created, fabricated and designed a wide range of items. He is a creative visionary who can both make plans and implement them. Kim has a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design and has been a creative spirit her entire life. Her creative influences come from travel, the great outdoors, having lived all over the USA (military brat), and photography. Kim enjoys many artistic mediums. Her greatest joy is sharing art with the world but most especially encouraging the younger generations. 

Skull Masters Taxidermy specializes in European mounts, using Dermestid beetles. Simply put, European mounts are the skull mounts with no fur. The only traditional taxidermy mounts that we do are birds (like turkeys, pheasants, ducks, geese and crows). We do everything from the standard Euros to the interesting and unusual and creepy. We are a licensed taxidermy facility & adhere to all Federal laws and State of Michigan laws.